Simple Strategy: Buy Low To Sell High (Up = Sell, Down = Buy)

A quick reminder of our most simple strategy. Simple is best! It works for all.

Remember, we sell when the price goes UP.

We buy, rebuy and reload when the price goes DOWN.

  • Up = sell.
  • Down = buy.

We first position ourselves by buying early, which you can do following my trades.

After we are positioned, we wait for the trade/coin to take off.

Once the coin takes off and start hitting our targets, we use my simple strategy above.

  • Sell when we go up.
  • Buy (or rebuy, load more or buy in) when the price goes down.

You can always keep a portion as “profits”, meaning leaving the money in BTC. And later when BTC goes high you can sell for USD and withdraw to use in your physical life. You can also use this BTC to buy into new trades.

We buy low to sell high.

  • Patience is key!
  • Diversifiying is great (divide your capital until multiple trades).