Trading Cryptocurrencies (Altcoins): Technical or Fundamental Analysis?

You might be aware of the fact that I am not a “fundamentals” lover when it comes to choosing altcoins to make easy money within the cryptocurrency markets. But why is that you might ask?

I believe in the project, cryptocurrencies as a whole.

I believe in, and love, Bitcoin. It gave me an incredible opportunity to maintain my freedom, when I had none it gave me hope. In the end it finally fulfilled its promise and filled my pockets with tons of gold. But that doesn’t mean that I have to “believe” in a project to be able to know what is going on with the charts. I started trading to make easy money, that is exactly what most people want.

So if we trade altcoins to make money, then the money, and not news/hype should be our goal.

Now, the focus on money is not about greed, ambition or something else. Money is a tool that is needed in life, that can give you options, comfort and help you live well.

Ok, great. So when we think of a coin like NewEconomyMovement (NEM / XEM), for example, with the end goal of making money. We don’t mind if the project is doing good or bad. We have to focus on the next target, simply buy low to later sell high.

That’s all it takes to profit from this and my other trades. If you really like a project, then make millions of dollars trading altcoins, buy a bunch of your favorite cryptocurrency and then you can hold it for really long term.

Just make sure to always secure profits as your money grows along the way.

It is good to enjoy the fruits of your labor.