Selling The Targets: Buying The Retrace After Each Target

Hello my deeply loved supporters, readers, followers and whatever name you prefer… Deeply loved by me. Because your support is always highly appreciated.

I know that you join Alan Masters to make easy money, for the phrases and for the trades, but I also know that many of you just join to support me, which I consider to be great … And for that, I love you. I appreciate your support. This whole platform wouldn’t exist without YOU and ME. So we need both to make money… WE NEED US!

Ok, so let’s get started with this easy “strategy”. More like a quick suggestions/recommendation for when you Sell The Targets (click here for more information on selling the targets)… Let’s get into it.


Selling The Targets: Buying The Retrace After Each Target by Alan Masters

Our trades are moving, we are making big easy money and we are hitting our targets.

Many of you are familiar now with trading cryptocurrencies.

Many of you saw how we conquer the top, to later rest at the bottom, to load up again and start another run. With this type of experience, we just don’t want to sell on target, we want to sell and rebuy, to earn even more on the way up.

Ok, I understand perfectly, so here is my suggestion, to increase your number of coins and make more money when following my calls.

  1. Our basic strategy: Buy, hold and later sell on target. DONE. We got this part.
  2. Now that you have patience and know how to profit by following my trades, you are ready to increase your earnings power, you are ready to rebuy every trade. So here is my suggestion to earn additional money on every single trade…
  3. We sell a portion of our coins each time we reach a target, and then we have a price retrace. Instead of keeping the profits, we have the opportunity to rebuy again. When to rebuy?
  4. My suggestion is to rebuy 10-20% below the last peak reached. If you are in doubt, always take the 10% below top/target rebuy, you can see that all coins basically retrace at least 10%. If you want more go for 20%, if the increase in price for the coin was strong, you can feel safe buying 20% lower. You can’t go wrong with this range. The max would be 20-30% below target. This needs a really strong push up for the retrace to be this big.

That’s all.

  • In essence, buy 10-20% below the last top reached.
  • Example: If a coin is sitting at 100 satoshis and races up to 130 satoshis in a run, which is a 30% increase in price,  and hits a target, you sell whatever amount of coins you want and then put a buy order that is 10-20% below that price. So if the price reached 130 satoshis (0.00000130 BTC), you would rebuy at around 117 to 104 satoshis. This would give you an extra 10-20% earnings on the same amount of coins you sold. If you repeat this for every target, you can easily see how you can increase your numbers of this coin.


Today is another great day.

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Same as yesterday, same as tomorrow, it is the same every single day.

Have the best day ever always…

Be grateful for today … again and again.