Monthly Archives: June 2018

BTCUSD now and then 2018 vs 2014

Many traders have posted charts comparing the two impulse waves/consolidation periods. My take… You can see I have place the moving averages 20, 50 and 200 in place. Note that the 200 SMA in both has given a good indicator for sell target mid way through the consolidation (red circle) but interestingly, the 2014 wave […]

Recently Found Double Spending Vulnerability Is Not Tether’s Own, SlowMist Confirms

China-based cybersecurity firm SlowMist has confirmed that a recent double-spending vulnerability it found in Tether (USDT) is not inherent to the cryptocurrency itself. Instead, it is enabled by some crypto exchanges’ databases not strictly verifying the status of the “valid” parameter of incoming USDT transactions. SlowMist explained this in a comment to its […]

Key buy areas for EUR/USD daily TF

EUR/USD             looking bullish on weekly timeframe , monthly formed a doji candle which indicates consolidation and end of trend, for that reason we could see a rise in price, so i have only identified buy zones, a break and retest of lower high will must likey confirm end of downtrend and rally for this […]

BTC What Do We Have Here

Very nice move up from BTC             , tragically it managed to stop right at the top of our descending channel from 9900 and until we break above I will remain bearish on the corn             . Our first target for this move will be 6200, at 6200 there is a potential to resume the […]

Arbitration on a Governed Blockchain: EOS’ Crisis of Dispute Resolution

Another week, another squabble involving the beleaguered EOS blockchain. The platform that has recently sustained a round of criticism for its lack of decentralization and its underwhelming technical robustness is now going through a governance crisis. The problem partly stems, quite ironically, from the lack of the system’s mediating capacity and centralized enforcement over […]

$XRP, Save Us Bulls…

WeeklyLooking our highest timeframe we see price remains is normal downtrend structure. Stochastic RSI showing momentum is heading towards the downside with no signs of slowing down, price looking to form a lower low, next major support level at 6000 satoshis. DailyShifting over to our pattern timeframe we see price has formed a minor downtrend […]