BTC – End of Correction.

BTC             has held support within the symmetrical triangle pattern , which completes a 5 wave corrective set.
Volume remains low, but an influx would likely cause a break out. Things are quiet, dull, boring – the most important time to pay attention.

RSI shows a break of downtrend with local support on 40.

MACD has recently had a bullish cross.

DMI indicates a current bearish trend , but this is an early signal based on the potential for a reversal.

Fibonacci Time Zone with 0 at the 5th impulse wave and 1 at the 1st corrective wave predicts the 3rd and (potentially) 5th corrective wave. This suggests that the correction is over.

Targets are place according to Fibonacci levels and interactions between long term and recent Gann fans.

Entry < $7500

Stop < $6900

1st Target: $11454

2nd Target: $14850

3rd Target: $16480