BTCUSD now and then 2018 vs 2014

Many traders have posted charts comparing the two impulse waves/consolidation periods.

My take… You can see I have place the moving averages 20, 50 and 200 in place. Note that the 200 SMA in both has given a good indicator for sell target mid way through the consolidation (red circle) but interestingly, the 2014 wave was moving at a pace of twice the duration (one day chart) while the 2018 wave I have matched on the 12 hour chart to complete the similar wave pattern. This needs to be taken into account.

To me this would indicate possibly to excellent buy opportunities (blue circles) still lay ahead of us. I suspecct the 5000 range willbe the psychological bottom for many investor type groups to get in. So I would say even a dip to the 4800 area is possible. If there is quite a big candle here to the downside it would be a nice buy signal.