Foot Locker Set To Take Large Strides Over Next 3-4 Months

Foot Locker             is setting up to fly high over the next 3-4 months before reaching its next top. This top coincides with my projected market top during the October/November timeframe this year. Based on comparative trend analysis and derivative analytics, Foot Locker             should reach its next top between August 9 and November 20 of 2018. The top should occur between 62.12 and 68.84. The minimum move to 62.12 from today’s close of 51.92 would generate 19.64%. I am expecting the top to occur in early to mid October around 64.41.

Unlike some of the other stocks I am following, The 2019 pullback for Foot Locker             should not be as drastic as the rest of the market.