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This might interest you: Bitcoin stealthy accumulation

Here is something you might be interested in: Bitcoin             has been getting accumulated for the past weeks.Noticed how on trading view they were much more Forex ideas and how crypto started to fade away as interest drops?Can’t link here, just google             these words if you have not heard of this yet:The total accumulated […]

EURUSD Currency Pair Falling Faster Than a Meteorite

The EUR/USD             Currency pair will continue to fall. Why will t his happen? There are several factors directly responsible for the rapid decline of the Euro             . The first one is interest rates. Bond investors invest their money in countries that have rising interest rates, such as the U.S.(2.25%). On the other hand, […]

Bitcoin Chronicle, Test

Hello traders and watchers, I would like to start Bitcoin             Chronicle, this is a weekly conversation about situation at the market, with the assumptions on what direction the price will move in the near term. This mean I will update this thread daily till sunday, then I will create the new BTC             Chronicles […]

Work smarter not harder.

Glorious buy signals for the VOO             . I believe we track upwards towards another sell off around Dec-Feb. Price target of 268-275 for an exit. I would be hesitant to ride this to new AHs. In the same breath, I’ll be placing rainy day funds in here. Cheers

Longterm Descending Triangle Bitcoin

Entry $6220Stop loss at $6500Profit Target: $4500Expected time window to target: 49-90 days from confirmed breakdownRisk Ratio: 7.14Breakdown point: $4100 Expect pullback after initial breakdown. Target price is above expected bottom. In the 2013 bubble run bitcoin             went up above 1k. The bottom was found later around the .786 fib retracement level. I am […]


The pair has reached an important support area , if it will trigger a rally, try taking a long position on the pullback. If you think this analysis can be useful and you want to receive new updates about this idea, click on LIKE button! Thank you for support and trade with care!

0x Long setup

0x is currently one of a few coins in a clear uptrend. As you can see on the 4h timeframe, it is set on a perfect support of uptrend line. It is definitely a nice opportunity to long from here. Stochastic is oversold on several timeframes – 15m, 30m, 4h and most important – daily […]

ETH Update

I believe ETH completed a smaller triangle yesterday that composed wave b of a three wave move making up wave (d) of a larger triangle that has been building out over the past weeks. I believe we will either see a sharp or shallow wave (e) following one more low. Current buy targets $190-$188. My […]