GBPUSD Bullish Bat Harmonic pattern.


Harmonics pattern is the only thing ill be trading for this year.

-“Disclaimer: Im new to harmonics. Also, in general, this is the only time i am seriously analyzing and trading, also sharing this so that I get out of my bad habit, and take some responsibility of my trades and analysis.(This sill be here till the end of the year until I master it.)”

–Feel free to point out any mistakes here or your own idea/views.

DXY             is at resistance on 4H chart, keep an eye out for it, if it breaks resistance this trade will automatically be invalid(fundamentally.)

For the pattern understanding : Bullish Bat pattern link:-

Everything is there in the chart Entry/SL/EXits.

Disclaimer: Im not a financial manager or expert, Trade at your own risk.

“Again this data is for myself and my accountability for each trade, I was bad at this/ this helps me be responsible and accountable and also to stick to my rules and TP, S/L”