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BTC/USD 15 min/4H charts (11/12/2018)

Good morning, traders. Over the weekend Bitcoin             dropped a bit more to a low of $6269.46 but held the general low from Friday which means it remained above the swing low of October 31st. The bounce off that drop targeted the 4H pivot , retreated to the equilibrium of the large trading range we’ve […]

BCH Still in the Wedge

This is not a detailed analysis and, because forks are unpredictable, I am not giving my predicted directions. However, hopefully some of you may find these lines helpful. If I were looking to buy I’d buy the breakout but be cautious of a fakeout at resistance. If the wedge resistance is too much expect a […]


Selling bullishly skewed premium in the beaten down GE             with the possibility of an assignment of shares with a cost basis of 7.33/share (a 9.5% discount over current price). Filed for a 1.67/contract credit. Metrics: Max Profit: $167/contract Max Loss/Buying Power Effect (On Margin): Undefined/$171/contract Break Evens: 7.33/10.67 Delta: 23.23 Theta: 1.09 Notes: Fairly […]

Substratum SUB/BTC + Targets

BINANCE:SUBBTC             I found Sub/btc             trading sideway after breaking major down trendline . Looking for a potential movement to the upside. 1D Chart: it has formed 3 soldiers pattern, as well as some bullish signs from the indicators. 4Hrs Chart: TDS             is showing a green 1 over green 2. Price is piercing a […]

Silver in Dollar strength’s shadow

XAGUSD, H4 and Daily By Andria Pichidi – November 12, 2018 Recent US data, such as last Friday’s hot PPI numbers, and the Fed’s policy guidance following last week’s FOMC meeting, have fanned expectations for a resumption in Fed tightening at December’s policy meeting, which has underpinned the US currency. The USDIndex has gained 0.5% […]

WTI oversold

* WTI oversold* Saudi Arabia in talks to cut oil             output after US waivers hit prices* 60 is magical number to have strong support* Many is not happy with such oil             prices* Worldwide oil             demand is still hight* Look at previous days candles. All them wanted to push price up, but bears […]


Storm is an ALT coin that has volume on Binance. Though for its slow price movement, reaching the end of the apex, daily stoch bottoming out, reaching support, im fairly bullish for this coin midterm. This will take about 2-3 months to 100% if my analysis is correct, maybe even shorter. Heres my first published […]