GOLD local curves

Long tern trend
Gold is recovering from an oscillation that began early 22 Dec ’16 . That is the root, in Solid Green
Dashed Green. Solid Blue and overlaid Dashed Yellow. There are parabolas supporting the jag above its present level, they are above 1400

Local trend

25 Jan ’19 , 12:15.

The beginning of the current rally. Thin Blue, a Parabolic Convex horn is in place leaning on the trend measured 25 jan through 28 jan. The lower curve of this horn is strongly conformed.

Last night Gold Jag rose through Thin Dashed Blue. it appears to be headed to the upper curve of the Thin Blue Horn.

Dashed Green the local linear trend. ( vague ) Solid lLue is the parabolic Support curve tested 24 Jan ’19. Dashed Black is the long tern linear trend. ( not useful )

Geo economic pressures are making Gold more appealing . Yes the locL picture appears as delineated. The metal could follow global hedging pressures and rise to meet the curves far above the current action. given the scales of the Jags sinuous rise across the previous few weeks, I ‘m inclines to see Thin Blue as a predictive horn.