Monthly Archives: February 2019

The Ultimate TREND Trading Strategy for ETH + SIGNALS [Live]

Hi Guys, I’m thrilled to announce that Monfex is launching a new series of LIVE trading signals generated by a professional and thoroughly optimized trading strategy. In this publication, we’re presenting The Ultimate TREND-following Trading Strategy for ETH/USD! Trade signals are being generated based on a combination of three technical analysis tools: – 10-Days Bollinger […]

South Africa’s Standard Bank to Launch Permissioned Blockchain for Overseas Exchange Services

South Africa’s Standard Bank will soon launch its private permissioned blockchain for overseas exchange trades on behalf of corporate clients, fintech news outlet FinExtra reports Thursday, Feb. 28. The platform, which is set to go live in the second half of 2019, is based on the Hyperledger Fabric — a foundation for developing applications […]

Crypto Brokerage Firm Voyager From Uber’s Former CTO Acquires Wallet Startup Ethos

Voyager Digital, a crypto brokerage firm co-founded by a former CTO of Uber, is acquiring crypto wallet startup Ethos, an announcement published by Voyager on Feb. 27 reveals. This acquisition is building on a strategic partnership between Ethos and Voyager, which was first announced in September last year. According to the announcement, the Ethos […]

BNBBTC Analysis for Profit Taking

I purchase BNB on every measured pull back as well as when things align within my trade system and training. I’ve also been taking profits along the way. Last net position is currently 7% away from current price. Here’s my outline of the measured moves I’m watching for. One thing about this, BNB could also […]

Short NIFTY Index

Indian stock market has a completed 5 wave pattern from the 2016 low. First impulse lower followed by corrective rally since late October looks to also be complete. Now awaiting breakdown (below 10300 good indication). Offers decent risk/reward trade off – short 10800, stop 11400, target at least 1000 points lower perhaps even as low […]

Platinum Rallyt- toping

Looking like a local top. if it leaps above the Red curve then vigor, if it remain bellow, then top. Examine size and color of volume . Its all bigger, we need more ‘bigger’ buying . I could resume, and for that it needs to breath sown a bit. The Jag is Still In Doted […]

China’s 10th Crypto Rankings: EOS Still in First, TRON Joins and Beats Ethereum to Second

China’s state-backed tech workgroup has released its tenth crypto rankings report, placing Bitcoin (BTC) in 13th, while EOS (EOS) keeps its top spot. The monthly report was released by China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) on Feb. 26. Operating under China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, CCID first launched its monthly […]