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TRXBTC Short Term

-Yine guzel bir alim yerinde duruyor bence denemeye deger neden olmasin.-Bitcoin icin haftalik kapanis zamani stopsuz islem yok.-Ufak bir kâr alip isimize bakalim. Hedefler grafikte. %50 ikincide %50-Uzun vade icin her zaman haberlerle guzel kazandiran bir crypto.

GOLD sell possibility 4H

From a technical stanpoint we can see that GOLD has broken the acending channel that was moving.1.One could say that in the daily chart a head and shoulders pattern has formed even though i won’t use it in my plan.2.A morning starcandlestick maybe forming in the 4h timeframe so if that happens we should expect […]


Trend continuationChannel down.Head and Shoulder formed and neckline broken and retested on h4. We wait for gap and rally to catch the best entry and R/R Goodluck! This is a swing setup and might take a week or two to complete. contact me to join our free channel or anything you need.

Long Position – 1hr Interval – UJ

Considering the current resistance levels at (110.960-111.000), as well as the previous bearish candle being engulfed by a bullish candle. Representing that there is a great entry position (Bull). At around the 110.975 price range. Be diligent and consider the rules to your plan. Not Investment Advice. For Educational and Analytical Purposes Only. (Be Aware […]