ADAH19- A Big Short Squeeze Is Coming- Be Prepared (33.85% PP)

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My name is Shaggad and I have been trading Bitmex now for 2+ years. I have watched the chart for thousands of hours and here is what I think is in store for ADA .

Trade Instructions:

Trade: LONG ADAH19

Current Price: 0.00001227

Time Frame: Daily

Leverage: 5x

Buy in: 0.00001220 – 0.00001226 – 0.00001228

Take Profits:

1. 0.00001248

2. 0.00001267

3. 0.00001273

4. 0.00001303

Stop Loss: 0.00001044

Estimated Liquidation Price: 0.00001011

Profit Potential: 33.85% ROE

Capital Allocation: <7%

We use loose stop losses to prevent being stopped out over a long period of time and trades.


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