Monthly Archives: April 2019

11% of Americans Own Bitcoin, Major Awareness Increased Since 2017

11% of the American population owns the major cryptocurrency bitcoin (BTC), according to a new survey published by Spencer Bogart of venture capital firm Blockchain Capital on April 30. Blockchain Capital partner Bogart today posted the results of a new survey conducted by Harris Poll in order to provide analytics data on bitcoin’s demographic […]

3 box movement

Three things I like about BTC this morning– 9d in support– Ascending bottom line continues to be supportive– Descending line from Apr .23 broken Oh, and a fourth thing; RSI is above 50 and moving up. Now for this to be very positive then the 2 red resistance lines would have to be breached. Onward […]

Fractional Reserve Stablecoin Tether Only 74% Backed by Fiat Currency, Say Lawyers

The company behind USD stablecoin Tether (USDT) only has enough cash to back three-quarters of its increasing supply, its lawyers confirmed in documents released on April 30. As part of an ongoing legal process involving the New York Attorney General, Zoe Phillips of law firm Morgan Lewis said that at the time of writing, […]

UK Central Bank Deputy Governor Dave Ramsden: Crypto Is Not a Store of Value

Dave Ramsden, deputy governor of the United Kingdom’s central bank, has said that crypto assets are too volatile to be a store of value. Ramsden made his comments in an interview with CNBC published on April 30. Bank of England (BOE) deputy governor Ramsden noted that over a year ago, the U.K.’s Financial Policy […]