ETH/USD – The Foundations for Something Bigger

I am back again with another market analysis. If you have no idea where I have popped up from that is ok, check out my blog which will give you a little insight into my trading journey.


ETH/USD – It’s great to see all these cryptocurrencies staying healthy with the sideways movement against the VWAP at $163. Over the past three days, we have dropped below the VWAP at $163, but that is a tremendous long term area to buy (GREEN Area). With the test of the overvalued deviation bans at $182.50, my main concern is that ETH is moving slower than most of the cryptocurrencies. If you are looking for more significant moves, then ETH is not where you want to invest your time/money. Next week will be excited if we drop below $163 as this will be a great time to pick up more ETH.

“Patience is the key to any market” – Nathaniel.

Next update will be in the coming week – Thank you for your love and support.

To make my life easier I have built a custom pine script indicator, which gives me an indication of where the value price is based on the criteria I used for my market analysis. Watch this space :-), but I think it is publicly available already, so be my guest and use or enhance the indicator. Just let me know if you make any improvements as it could help me as well.


Nathaniel – “THe BiPolar TraDer”

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