Monthly Archives: May 2019

Quick ETH Trading Opportunity!

I don’t usually post super short term trading ideas, but let’s keep this simple. The pink line above is the neckline for the entire bottoming consolidation period that has been occurring for many months. If we can confirm this short term double bottom and break out above that neckline (green X), I think ETH could […]

XRP’s bull/bear transition Pt. 21

Big day for XRP as some bullish price action kicks in after being slammed to support over the past couple weeks. I tend to believe we might see another response from the bears before it’s all said and done, however I think we’re about to see the end of the bearish market. Let me know […]

Prediction: 20 Percent of Leading Global Grocers to Use Blockchain by 2025

20 percent of the top 10 global grocers will use blockchain by 2025, according to information released by research firm Gartner Inc on April 30. Per Gartner, the main advantage of blockchain for grocers is that it provides a high degree of transparency. For grocers, this means they can use blockchain as a […]

New York District Attorney Charges Two for Shadow Banking Crypto Companies

The Southern District of New York Attorney has charged an Arizona man and Israeli woman for allegedly shadow banking cryptocurrency companies, according to an official announcement published on April 30. Geoffrey S. Berman, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced the arrest of Reginald Fowler for allegedly operating an […]

Bitcoin Bullish Ascending Triangle

As tether news erupts revealing that only 76% is backed by USD reserves, people will sell for bitcoin thus increasing the price on bitfinex over other exchanges. A rally to 6k from here would be 5600 on other exchanges, and 6,400 would be 6k. As for TA, we have an ascending triangle pushing us out […]

Report: Former Barclays Exec Joins Fidelity Investments to Work on Digital Assets

A former executive of British investment bank Barclays, Chris Tyrer, has joined Fidelity Digital Assets, the crypto platform of American financial services corporation Fidelity Investments, Finance Magnates reported on April 30. Tyrer began working on digital assets for Fidelity Investments after serving over 13 years at Barclays as Head of Digital Assets Project, Head […]

#STEEM just hitted bottom, now what?

I have been closely looking at what #steem will probably do and this movement got a bit more intense with recent crypto news shaking the markets in previous days. Most of last week I have been away from charts and from crypto but this caught my attention and as I called in a previous analysis […]