GDX stock price forecast timing analysis

Stock investing strategies AMEX:GDX
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Investing position about Supply-Demand(S&D) strength: Strong buy as Rising section of high profit & low risk

Supply-Demand(S&D) strength linkage Trend Analysis: In the midst of an adjustment trend of downward direction box pattern stock price flow marked by limited rises and downward fluctuations.

Today’s Supply-Demand(S&D) strength Flow: Supply-Demand strength has changed from a weak selling flow to a suddenly strengthening selling flow.

D+1 Candlestick Color forecast: GREEN Candlestick

%D+1 Range forecast: 0.2% (HIGH) ~ -0.4% (LOW), -0.1%(CLOSE)

%AVG in case of rising: 1.8% (HIGH) ~ -0.4% (LOW), 1.3% (CLOSE)

%AVG in case of falling: 0.5% (HIGH) ~ -1.3% (LOW), -0.8%(CLOSE)

Stock Price Forecast Timing Criteria: Stock price forecast timing is analyzed based on pretiming algorithm of Supply-Demand(S&D) strength.

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