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Sex & Crypto: Cointelegraph Documentary

Because of its pseudo-anonymous, censorship-resistant nature, cryptocurrency has become a popular payment method in the adult entertainment industry. Pornsites, webcam sites and online sex shops have been using crypto to reduce their dependence on traditional payment services, which often impose restrictions and high transaction fees on these kinds of businesses — which are considered to […]

Bitcoin First as LedgerX Launches Regulated Physical Futures on US Market

United States Bitcoin (BTC) derivatives provider LedgerX has officially launched physical Bitcoin futures trading, becoming the first to do so on the domestic market. In an announcement on social media July 31, LedgerX said its physical futures offering was live on its Omni trading platform.  “It’s official: we’re live with retail trading on […]

GBPUSD go long (weak recommend)

GBPUSD has likely end of 5 waves moving down. Base on channeling technique, wave 5 is likely end. Also, RSI between wave 3 and 5 shows divergence and tweezers candle pattern support that price tend to move up. But there are some counter reasons included RSI of wave 3 does not show extreme (usually extreme) […]


USDCHF is correlarting for further downside on the daily perspectives with a death cross forming between the 50 and 100 smoothed moving averages. Currently aiming for an ultimate TP of the April 2018 LOW, however check price action at each fibonacci level for early TP.

AUDUSD willing pullback

As candlestick trader , I must learn to apply trendline . My reason is I consider , population of trendline traders is so many around the world. Let together we see this AUDUSD , is it will go up today ??? I see bullish engulfing , and consider there is empty space if we draw […]

CADCHF 31/07/2019

DAILY:What can we see:1. Descending trend-line, third touch ( anticipating further downside mvnt if oil can break lower)2. Inserted the fibonacci tool. The 61.8% fib level lies on the Weekly key level, therefore looking for a sell from Region 4HWhat can we see:1. Previous rejections off the zone indicating sellers in the market Bias = […]

Could Facebook Libra Become the Largest DApps Network to Date?

The official announcement and details around Project Libra were provided to the world on June 18, 2019. Firstly, Libra was introduced: a new global reserve-backed cryptocurrency built on top of the new Libra Blockchain, with everything governed by a not-for-profit consortium dubbed the Libra Association. It was clear that each of these products and technologies […]