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The market is creating equal lows and highs. Liquidity is sitting on both sides. Market is trying to create money through consolidation and we can possibly see a short term buy mitigated for the long term sell. I see lots of liquidity to the downside, but we have trapped money to the upside that we […]

The Algo’s LOVE Half Trading Days

Did a little research on half trading days. Ever since we’ve become more volatile back in the beginning of 2018, there has been three days that the market closed early. (Before the 4th, after Thanksgiving, and before Christmas. Half days obviously mean roughly “half” the volume . Algo’s don’t celebrate Holliday’s….just looks like a down […]


This is my vision on USD/JPY Daily. We are on weekly support, price action speaks about weakness and potential reverse. Daily trendline about to be broken and that what i wait for at 108.00 with a nice confirm, i will act if i see a convincing candle pattern. If nothing happens i won’t move. Stop […]