BTC Scouting Daily Higher Low

Bulls need a 4 hour trend change to be looking for the daily higher low. If we get it today or tomorrow we will look to stay within this daily range until weekend. While we remain in this tightening range, Alts continue to have some slack to make their own moves.

ETH and LTC continue to have goo weeks, and today we are watching to see if LTC can play laggard and catch up to where ETH is for strength. If the BTC pairings of these coins remains in a daily uptrend AND we get a BTC daily bull break of its own tightening range, the odds that monthly higher lows have been set on these coins will increase a good amount.

Traders can be looking to make a play on BTC in either direction when this pending break occurs. The tighter the better. As always, we have to ensure multiple levels break. If only 1 support or 1 resistance breaks and we do not get follow through, it is a read flag for that direction.