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Trading Cryptocurrencies (Altcoins): Technical or Fundamental Analysis?

You might be aware of the fact that I am not a “fundamentals” lover when it comes to choosing altcoins to make easy money within the cryptocurrency markets. But why is that you might ask? I believe in the project, cryptocurrencies as a whole. I believe in, and love, Bitcoin. It gave me an incredible […]

When To Buy Again? Consolidation Period After Reaching All Time High

There are many, many coins that reached new highs in December. Many others in January, and right now we can learn something about these coins. Once the top is reached on a bull market, a new all time high won’t be achieved a few days, weeks or months later… It takes time, specially if the […]

Our Strongest Trading Strategy – 100% Success Rate (Buy, Hold & Sell on Target)

I would like to share my most successful strategy, a strategy so successful, that it can turn even a 3 year old baby into a master cryptocurrency trader. This is no joke, with this strategy you will be able to profit from all of our trades, always, regardless of what happens to the price or […]

Cryptocurrency Trading – The Basics: Buy-in, Stop-loss & Targets

Hello my fellow cryptocurrency trader. How are you feeling today? Before we get started in this incredible and wild adventure that is cryptocurrency trading, the “stock market for the people”, I want to introduce you to the basics of what you will be reading here. The main reason you are here is to learn how […]