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Selling the Targets – The Basics

Now let’s look at the targets. Specifically, “Selling the Targets”. In my main and most important article for all members, specially beginners, titled “Alan Masters Cryptocurrency Trading – The Basics: Buy-in, Stop-loss & Targets“, I described how you can approach the targets that you will be seeing in my coin analysis / trade ideas. The […]

Selling The Targets: Buying The Retrace After Each Target

Hello my deeply loved supporters, readers, followers and whatever name you prefer… Deeply loved by me. Because your support is always highly appreciated. I know that you join Alan Masters to make easy money, for the phrases and for the trades, but I also know that many of you just join to support me, which I […]

Selling the Targets (Part 5) – I Own this Coin

This is the last article of this series, Selling the Targets, and this might sound like a joke. This strategy on how to deal with the target levels on my trade ideas, how to sell on those targets, actually, requires no selling. Wait what? This strategy is called “I Own this  Coin”. The name says […]

Selling the Targets (Part 4) – Sell the Target, Rebuy Lower (Advanced)

Here is the best strategy I use to maximize earnings when trading any cryptocurrency, any altcoin, any coin. This is when we sell a portion of our coins on target and then wait for the price to drop and buy back even more coins at a lower price. This increases our potential earnings by the […]

Selling the Targets (Part 3) – Hold for Long

Our main focus here on Coin Market is to help you make money trading cryptocurrencies. I will write about the difference between trading and investing, some coins can be good investments for long term but this isn’t what we normally do. Let’s say we are looking at a trade for a big market cap. altcoin, […]

Selling the Targets (Part 1) – Profits without Risk

This is my first “Selling the Targets” strategy, and you will understand soon why this is the first one. Profits without risk. Sounds good to me, how does it sound for you? You might know me from Trading View, my username there is @alanmasters. As you can see from my profile, I’ve been in many, […]