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Selling the Targets – The Basics

Now let’s look at the targets. Specifically, “Selling the Targets”. In my main and most important article for all members, specially beginners, titled “Alan Masters Cryptocurrency Trading – The Basics: Buy-in, Stop-loss & Targets“, I described how you can approach the targets that you will be seeing in my coin analysis / trade ideas. The […]

Selling The Targets: Buying The Retrace After Each Target

Hello my deeply loved supporters, readers, followers and whatever name you prefer… Deeply loved by me. Because your support is always highly appreciated. I know that you join Alan Masters to make easy money, for the phrases and for the trades, but I also know that many of you just join to support me, which I […]

Selling the Targets (Part 4) – Sell the Target, Rebuy Lower (Advanced)

Here is the best strategy I use to maximize earnings when trading any cryptocurrency, any altcoin, any coin. This is when we sell a portion of our coins on target and then wait for the price to drop and buy back even more coins at a lower price. This increases our potential earnings by the […]