Introducing CMC Token

Coin Market Token (CMC) is an UTILITY token based on Ethereum Blockchain using standard ERC-20 contracts with a final price of $0.054

The token will give investors direct access to future Coin Market services, and will be necessary to purchase products on the platform (indicators, robots, guides…). In addition to ICO investors can recover initial investment from the Trading Pool profits.

Unsold tokens during the ICO will be burned, and going forward, Coin Market will use this function to burn tokens periodically, creating a deflationary currency and ensuring value increase for our investors. Additionally, the percentage burned of the token sale will also be matched with other allocations (exception of the Company Reserve, used to provide liquidity and guarantee access to future users, and Trading Pool, in benefit of the contributors) to balance its distribution.

Token Distribution


The total CMC tokens supply is 10,000,000.
  •  70% of the tokens allocated to the investors (7,000,000 CMC)
  •  15% for developers and company reserve (1,500,000 CMC)
  •  10% for rewarding advisors (1,000,000 CMC)
  •  5% is used on Bounty program and marketing (500,000 CMC)

Crowdsale Distribution


A substantial portion of the funds, 40%, will be dedicated to servicing on the development team and the creation of platforms. 15% will be spent on marketing aimed at attracting new users to the platform, creating a community interested in the token and the service. Another 15% will be invested in the Trading Pool to provide profits to the ICO investors. 25% is for capex and advisors, and the remaining 5% for legal and compliance fees.

Token Sale Bonuses:

Early Brainiacs!
Phase I
Casual Brainiacs!
Phase II
Late Brainiacs!
Phase III